Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mormon Missionaries Interviewed In Japan-Part 2

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This is part 2 of the great interview that Doug, from planet Japan, had with the Mormon missionaries over in Japan.

It was ironic that I would have answered the questions he asked them in almost the exact same way, using almost word for word, the words they used. I guess things haven't changed much in the last decade at the MTC(Mission Training Center).

At least these Mormon missionaries are still honest and just boldly say what they've been taught to say to the people, no matter how politically incorrect it may be.

In other words, they aren't PR savvy and trying to lie or sugar-coat things(like Hinckley or Brent Belnap), which is why Mormon missionaries aren't supposed to be doing public interviews in the first place...LOL!!

They've been so indoctrinated, that what they say sounds completely normal to them, because they repeat it day after day and practice it regularly, when studying, role playing, etc, in their companionship study.

Enjoy part 2 everyone and thanks to Doug again for doing the interview and making it available to all the Mormon Truth listeners.

Everyone please visit Planetjapan.org or planetjapanpodcast.blogspot.com and if you can, leave him a donation and a comment, saying thanks for this awesome interview.

I also look forward to your comments here in Mormon Truth regarding this interview.

Samuel the Utahnite


At Sunday, March 13, 2011, Blogger Jonathan said...

Sam, I don’t know what happened to you that lead you on the path to leave the church and turn from God. But I do know from my experience that you grew in the church on pure blind faith and never took the time to truly seek and understand what the church really is. And when things turned hard for you may not have received the help that you wanted or felt you needed. And because of that you turn your energy agents the church and turning away from God. Typical story. Seen it, been there, done that.
Like so many Mormons that grow up in the church. You all just follow blindly believing everything you are told and never truly seeking out the truth for yourself. And when something comes around that makes you question your faith or the church you have nothing to fall back on because you never built a foundation. The strongest Mormons I know are ether converts or someone that has fallen away and have come back thorough their own rediscovery.
It hurts my heart to think that you have turned away from everything and now your only religion is true ignorance. I have done two tours in Iraq and one on in Afghanistan. I have seen and experienced things that you cannot imagine and I still have my faith. Even with all the terrible things I have seen. I have also seen love, courage, hope, true faith and brotherhood in the midst of a hell on earth.
Even if you don’t go back to the church you should return to God. Instead of spewing lies and hate you should be spending your energy and time helping the poor or the needy. I know someone just like you and he is empty. His only goal it to tell the world how bad the church is and how it ruined his life. In fact he did it on his own and when he turned to the church for help they gave him help but it was only what he needed and not what he expected or wanted and suddenly it’s the churches fault.
Take responsibility for yourself. Don’t blame the church or God

At Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

Wow Jonathon, for such a supposedly intelligent & learned man, who has "done two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan"(which I applaud & thank you for by the way, as I come from a strong military family, even though I’m a “lying” piece of shit in your eyes) & who has "experienced things" that I can't imagine & yet still “has his faith”; you're pretty insulting, immature & assuming a lot of things about me & stating them as FACTS, when you don't even know me...which is IRRESPONSIBLE! WTF man?!! Very disappointing for a man with your background...I guess you've actually, sadly, learned NOTHING from that experience!

Will you “take responsibility" for your actions now, as you arrogantly & hypocritically tell me to?

In reality, it is YOU that is obviously clueless & living in complete & total ignorance(& probably enjoying it)...either that or you don’t believe in human rights, which I find hard to believe as a military guy fighting for human rights around the world...so it must be the former. You either haven’t spent even ONE second verifying anything I’ve said or looking into official MORmON doctrine & history or just don’t really give a damn or have no morals, values or care for humanity, if you know what I know & remain in the MORmON CULT. Yes, it’s a CULT & YOU ARE A CULTIST, plain & simple!! Some people like to be led around my their nose & told what to do & be a cult worshiper/sheep & maybe that works for you, as it sounds like you’re very happy with it. If you can make great assumptions about me, then I’ll just return the favor, use the same liberties & treat you accordingly!!

Hopefully you’re just brainwashed & don’t know any better at this point & can snap out of the MORmON induced trance you’re in or maybe you’re just a pathetic human being? Again, I hope it’s the former. There is no in-between & no excuses, if you know what MORmONISM truly represents & has taught since 1820 & the ATROCITIES that it has committed & continues to commit. Like Hinckley repeatedly said: "there is no gray area, just black or white”...”it’s ALL TRUE or it’s ALL A GREAT FRAUD”...so you accept & embrace it all & I reject it all...it’s just that simple!!

Oh by the way, since you’ve called me out as a “LIAR” in your first comment, I'd like to begin with you VERY specifically pointing out my lies, in great detail, as that would be a great place to start. Go ahead, list them all, one by one, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I need PROOF & EVIDENCE of these “lies” you speak of & I welcome you exposing me as the “LIAR" you boldly claim I am. Please, do it...I CAN’T WAIT!!

I mean wow man, you claim that I never even had a testimony, had no “foundation” & that I just relied on other people & their testimony & then simply crumbled when something difficult came up(like your hero Joseph Smith raping the 14 year old Helen Mar Kimball, after forcing her to marry him by threatening her & her entire family or marrying 11 women while they were currently, happily married to OTHER LIVING MEN, even making some of those men be witnesses to their wife’s marriage to the Horny/criminal Joe) or when someone questions me about my faith? LOL..are you serious? I had people that relied on MY TESTIMONY for strength you ignorant dumb ass!!

I served a faithful 2 year mission in Argentina(where I was repeatedly threatened & abused psychologically by using fear tactics, if I didn’t baptize enough people) & I was a District Leader starting in the MTC & then became a Zone Leader on my mission in less than a year, because I was such a dedicated, hard-working missionary with a VERY STRONG TESTIMONY. I probably would’ve become the next assistant if I didn’t stand up & fight for myself & for the other missionaries & the injustices that were being perpetrated upon them by the Mission President & his ASSistants!


At Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I never even doubted the church was true ONCE...NOT ONCE until about 6 years ago, after doing intense & very in-depth research & study. The main purpose of that research, originally, was to simply prove a bunch of stuff I’d read was false & just fabrications of those evil, vile anti-MORmONS, which we’d been warned about our whole life to avoid like the plague. I soon understood why...because most of them are not anti-MORmONS at all...rather PRO-TRUTH & were telling THE TRUTH, which is what I discovered, much to my horror. Now some are Christians & have an agenda the size of Jupiter & I disagree with them intensely & make no bones about that, but it doesn’t change THE TRUTH they’re telling about MORmONS!! THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH & YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM IT! Like they always say, "you can run but you can't hide"..AMEN TO THAT!!

You should have stuck with your original, opening statement of “I don’t know what happened to you that lead you on the path to leave the church and turn from God”, because that was the only accurate thing you said. If anyone is “following blindly” & “believing everything they’re told”, it’s clearly you, as you have NO IDEA what you speak of, are a complete hypocrite & just another typical, ignorant MORmON, unless you actually know everything I know & are a MORmON apologist & therefore a despicable human being fitting the description above!!!!

By the way, is telling THE TRUTH “spewing hate” to you? Were you SPEWING LOVE in your comment to me, which wasn’t even based on any evidence or facts & are you just another example of an arrogant, ignorant, “GOD-IN-EMBRYO” MORmON going off half-cocked? Was that Christlike(you know, loving your enemy, blessing those that curse you, turning the other cheek..LOL!) of you pal? Maybe you’re just pretending that I’m a money changer that you’re tossing out of the temple to justify your comments, right? Actually, the money changers are currently in the back of the modern-day MORmON temples where they rent clothes, ringing up their clothing rental sales on an actual cash register...LOL!! I’m sure you’re fine with that too, right? THE MORmON HIERARCHY LOVE MONEY CHANGERS, like in Jesus’ new $4 BILLION DOLLAR MALL!!

Who’s the “IGNORANT” one again? Oh by the way, how do you know what I & my family do to help the poor & needy? First of all, it’s really none of your fucking business, but let me just say that we probably do more than you do unless you do A LOT! What’s so FUCKING nice about not paying tithing to the MORmON cult any longer, is that we have MORE MONEY available to actually help the poor & needy that we KNOW need the help(& we don’t make them paint fences or beg & plead to get the money they need for life depending medicine) & we actually KNOW where the money is going & that it’s not going to build a $4 BILLION dollar mall for Jesus in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah or a massive luxury resort in Laie, Hawaii to make more money from the Polynesian Cultural Center guests.

By the way, the luxury resort is a Marriott(run by current General Authority/Area Seventy J. Willard Marriott/CEO)...do you think it will serve booze & have booze in the rooms & in the bar/restaurant like all the others? Why not, right Jonathon...who gives a shit, right?! It’s all good..LOL!! Do as we say, NOT AS WE DO, right Jonathon? Too bad gambling isn’t legal in Hawaii like it is in Aruba or Marriott could also have THE LARGEST CASINO in HAWAII, just like they have Aruba(the Marriott Botiques are also a nice touch, featuring BOOZE/happy hour) & you could embrace & wrap your arms around that too...LOL!! BUT DON’T EVER GAMBLE Jonathon, IT’S VERY EVIL & INSPIRED BY SATAN HIMSELF..LOL!!


At Wednesday, March 16, 2011, Blogger Samuel the Utahnite said...

I don’t blame the church or “GOD” for anything, rather I state the TRUTH & FACTS about them & what they’ve done & taught & how it affected my life & the lives of myself, my family & friends & how it continues to affect & impact, us all along with many others all around the world. It is what it is...so if stating facts is “blaming”, then I guess I’m guilty. Is it not a fact that instead of 2 years in Argentina trying to get sales & revenue for the MORmON CULT, while spending almost $10,000 in the process; that I couldn’t have either been earning money or going to college? Yes..those are THE FACTS pal!! So yes, I talk about that, you bet, because it’s THE TRUTH & I make NO APOLOGIES for speaking THE TRUTH!! I know THE TRUTH is NOT something that interests your nor something that you're at all familiar with..so sorry if it confuses you!

By the way, I have “taken responsibility for myself” & that is why I do what I do & expose this horrific MORmON CULT that continues to divide & destroy families on a daily basis, all around the world & I have over 20,000 Emails from the last 6 years proving it, not to mention my own family, friends & families of my friends. Why are so many people concerned with me, ONE GUY, when you have 52,000+ brainwashed missionaries lying to unsuspecting, ignorant people daily? I learned THE TRUTH & I now share it with others, which is what I call “taking responsibility” for my actions. You could really learn a thing or two from me, so hopefully I can help you out.

I’ve actually contacted almost every person that I converted on my mission & shared this TRUTH with them about THE MORmON CULT as well & NONE of them are still active & I’m very thankful & grateful for that...again, just “TAKING RESPONSIBILITY” for bringing them into the MORmON CULT! They are very grateful that I told them THE TRUTH & forgive me for leading them into THE CULT, since I didn’t know better back then. I've definitely made amends for my false teachings that caused them years of torment & suffering(especially since most of them could never pay tithing or go to the temple & they felt damned, knowing they'd be eternally separated from everyone in their family & their friends)...I wish I could undo it all for them & myself...but I can't. I've always been a good salesman & so I guess I just did a good sales job on them.

If you feel the tone of my response to your ignorant comment is rather strong & angry, you’re absolutely right, it is & it’s by design. Whenver an ignorant person like yourself responds to me the way you did(while PRETENDING to be a “good, Jesus loving MORmON”, accusing me of being a "LIAR” & “HATER” without really knowing even a single thing about me(you probably haven’t even bothered to read my blogs, websites or listen to my podcasts); I respond accordindly & justifiably, in order to defend myself & set the record straight, while once again stating TRUTH & FACTS, which obviously don’t interest you in the slightest. I simply won’t tolerate people who spew bullshit with NO FACTS to back up a word they’ve said & I’ll take them on combatively EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME!



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