Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mormon Missionaries Interviewed In Japan-Part 1

MP3 File

This was a great interview of Mormon missionaries by Doug, of the awesome podcast "Planet Japan." Doug and Amy do the podcast together but this particular week, Amy wasn't there. I've edited these podcasts to only include the brief intro, interview and ending, but I strongly suggest that you all go listen to the entire podcast and their others, as these 2 are very funny and Doug was hilarious this particular day, when discussing the "talking urinals", LOL. I also loved his lead in to the interview.

Thanks a ton Doug, for allowing me to use this interview to kick off my new "Mormon Truth Interviews" podcast, which will join the Mormon Truth family, which already includes the podcasts, "Mormon Truth(s)" and "Mormon Truth Uncensored", both available on iTunes and many other places, all over the Internet

Enjoy everyone, as Doug did an awesome job on this interview, which allows us to really see clearly, right into the head of an average, everyday Mormon missionary and understand what they are thinking and teaching on a daily basis.

I hope everyone enjoys this new podcast and if anyone has additional interviews that they've saved over the years, regarding Mormons being interviewed, whether it was the Hierarchy or just average members or missionaries; please forward them onto me at SamueltheUtahnite@yahoo.com and I'll publish them in the brand new "Mormon Truth Interviews", for all the world to hear. You can do it anonymously if you would like or I can give you credit, but I'll leave that up to each person.

Samuel the Utahnite


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